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Contact Trevton or an administrator to have your site or page sponsored on the top banner.

Helping out the team behind EVElopedia with isk donations doesn't go unnoticed, large donations (One month gametime or more) will land your site or page on our banner-board for approximately one month.

To contribute isk directly, donate to IGN: Trevton or your favorite contributor!

Currently, donating isk to Trevton is required for the banner-ad, however once more people begin contributing, you can donate to any valuable community member to have your banner ad displayed. If you're donating to yourself, hey, I really appreciate all the work you've done and you deserve it.

Trevton's buddy link

I use the isk I get to make cool videos like this one! I also use it to pay pay my subscription, lowering the work needed to fund this project, any extra will be used to fund events for other creators. If you've helped the site in a big way, you can list your buddy link here too!