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EVElopedia is a project whose aim is to create a highly functional EVE Online database that isn't managed by a specific in-game entity. EVElopedia is based off the original EVElopedia wiki created by CCP games [1]. EVElopedia was discontinued in February 2016 suddenly and left a hole in the EVE Online community. CCP directed players to use third party sites like UniWiki[2] and the Brave Newbies Wiki[3], most players gravitated towards UniWiki, which became the new hub of EVE Online knowledge (to the best of my knowledge). However, all of these sites are owned by in-game entities with the potential for political motivations and/or sudden dissolution. Many lacked the feeling of truly being open and built for everyone to contribute to, despite the ability being present.

Sites like brave newbies and UniWiki lack in community features and don't tend to take into account broader community suggestions and needs. EVElopedia aims to stay updated and constantly implement new MediaWiki features as they become available. As the community of EVElopedia grows, the Google Cloud server will be upgraded in turn and become more powerful as EVElopedia's income and viewer audience increases. 100% of all income generated by ad revenue and community donation will be invested into improving EVElopedia as a whole.

EVElopedia welcomes community additions, all community created MediaWiki extensions will be reviewed and considered for implementation. Skin improvements are also welcome, and will be be reviewed for their community value and then be implemented in the design of the site.

The current database features templates that are cloned from both UniWiki and the original wiki.eveonline.com, so any copied pages from either wiki will be fully functional visually except for the ship databases, still working on that one.

When all feature goals are fully implemented, EVElopedia will be a fully functional platform for discussion and blogging, a rich database containing the cumulative knowledge from the currently scattered and little know community services, a hub for generating new ideas, and a multinational guide covering any and all EVE Online. The site will be nostalgic yet modern, and feature integration with the EVE Online API, secured, and with regular database backups published to the community.

To curb the general mistrust of storing information on a third party site, the complete xml library containing all the pages on EVElopedia will be regularly backed up and published online for the community to access and download. The library will be in configured to allow it to immediately imported into any mediawiki site, in the event that that evelopedia.org ceases to function for any reason. You can view a demo of the file backups here: EVElopedia.org Backup

Special Thanks

Thank you to all the eve communities that made this wiki possible, if it wasn't for the hard work of:

This archive would not be possible, hopefully this site does your work justice.

Current Goals

  • Complete the eveskin for MediaWiki
  • Make eveskin compatible with mobile browsers
  • Implement ads and donations for upkeep revenue
  • Import all useful pages
  • Integrate OAuth2 account creation