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Many of these items are not needed for diffrent reasons until you have progressed into the game more.

Consumer Products

NPC trade items, often required to complete Courier and Trade missions. Tend to have relatively stable prices, which makes them good for new traders who can't afford the chance of getting burned badly by riskier investments like mineral or ship markets.

Criminal Dog Tags

Criminal Dog Tags are used to activate locked stargates in certain missions that lead to secret areas, often filled with more powerful enemies and more valuable loot. Some can be turned in, mostly at locations where agents are found in space. Unlike Insignias, they are never illegal, even when carried into the NPC faction's home territory.

Criminal Evidence

Can be turned in at a Bounty Office for rewards.

Industrial Goods

Includes all the items that are required for Tech II, player owned station (POS), and outpost production and upkeep, that can not be gathered or built by the players themselves, only purchased from NPC stations.


Required to purchase many faction items from Loyalty Point (LP) stores. These are also illegal to posess in certain Empire regions, so be careful when moving them around or you may find yourself getting stopped and searched.


Items that are technically considered trade goods in the Eve database, but are only used to complete missions and generally can not be traded on the open market.


Trade goods for lowsec and nullsec NPC stations. Nearly all are illegal to posess in Empire.

Nexus Chips

Required to buy faction ships from Loyalty Point (LP) stores.


Can sometimes be found in the wreckage of destroyed NPC structures, in missions or deadspace pockets. Some are required for outpost construction.

Pilot's License Extensions (PLEX)

New way to buy subscription with ISK limited to 30days (This item extends your game time by 30 days when activated. It cannot leave stations but may be traded on the market and through contracts, except courier.)

Political Paraphernalia

Used in some Event missions.

Radioactive Goods

Not much use apart from Enriched Uranium which can be used in POS fuel!

Starbase Charters

In Empire space these charters are required to keep you POS operational to be sure what is needed check the Soverignty so if it says Amarr Empire you need Amarr Empire charters.